DroneZone offers quality drone audiovisual services and products. Our services are taking into account four main factors: safety, quality, innovation and price. DroneZone is born from our passion for the moving images… in air, on land or inside water. Since 1989 we have gained experience in audiovisual and radio-controlled models, following technological developments in the radio-controlled models sphere.

DroneZone will perform a complete risk analysis including environment and weather restrictions, also taking into consideration country regulations, insurance… According to the shooting environment (air, water, land), country regulations and required safety levels may differ. Therefore, for covering any risk of incidents, our equipment is always controlled, updated and secured (coupling engines, alarm battery, gps, parachute…) and our team is performing a risk analysis. DroneZone will ensure that any possible damage is covered.
DroneZone is focusing on client satisfaction and will provide consistent documents for analysis and reporting. DroneZone strives to deliver the very best customer services, always finding the safe ways to achieve your wishes. For movies and photography, we clearly understand that some shots are unique and not repeatable… that’s why we organise our material to ensure the best shooting project at every moment.
Encouraging and stimulating innovation is one of the main objectives of DroneZone which is following the development of new technologies to ensure its customers the best services.
DroneZone is always offering its services and products at competitive prices.