Payment Details

We suggest you to use one of the available online payment tool or to pay using a bank transfer.
These services allow to pay online quickly and securely using a credit card (Bancontact, VISA, Mastercard …) or a bank account.


√ Payment can be tracked. You can track the status of your payment from your PayPal account.
√ Payment is convenient and immediate. You pay directly from the ad and the seller’s account is credited immediately.
√ Does not require the use of a credit card online. You can transfer payments from your bank account.
√ If you use a credit card, its number is not visible for sellers. PayPal server applies a security encryption to limit the fraudulent risks of use.
√ You get the PayPal Shopping insurance covering the total amount of purchase, including delivery costs for transactions meeting the requirements.

Bank Transfer

√ Payment is transferred directly from one bank account to another recognized bank account.
X You must specify the order reference on the bank transfer to finalize your purchase.
X Sellers will wait several days to receive the payment before shipping your order.